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2014-2015 Depth Chart

This is way too early, but I decided to make one anyways.

This depth chart is under the impression that Stokes will go pro.

This depth chart is also under the impression that the Vols will get these five recruits:

James Demery
Phil Cofer
Stephen Hurt (JUCO)
Jordan Cornish
Jaquan Lyle

That is a complete guess with only one being an actual commit, but UT stands good with all other recruits. This is basically just for purposes of completing this.

Players graduating

D'Montre Edwards
Jeronne Maymon
Antonio Barton
Jordan McRae

We, again, are assuming Stokes leaves. That's five schollies. Returning players assuming nobody leaves:

A.J. Davis
Darius Thompson
Robert Hubbs III
Armani Moore
Quinton Chievous
Derek Reese
Josh Richardson
Pops Ndiaye

So, my guess at the depth chart:

PG: Lyle/Thompson
SG: Hubbs/Demery
SF: Richardson/Moore/Chevious
PF: Davis/Cofer/Reese
C: Hurt/Ndiaye

A little weak up front, but if UT got Lyle/Demery, that'd be a sick backcourt and one of the best in the country.

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