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Originally Posted by kamoshika View Post
Allen-Michael Simcox was just about fed up with football.

In his four years at Sullivan Central, the Cougars won all of four varsity games, including zero during his last high school season in 2011. “My senior year was pretty rough,” Simcox said.

But Mamaw didn’t teach Simcox to be a quitter.

By the time Simcox’s grandmother, Frances Roberts, died in March 2012, Simcox was pretty well set on attending the University of Tennessee, albeit just as a student.

In the weeks after her death, though, something started to nag at Simcox. “She always supported me in athletics and everything like that,” he said. “I knew she would be very disappointed in me if I didn’t at least try to be on the team and make an effort.”

Simcox trying to live the dream - Sports

I enjoyed this story but someone needs to do some investigative reporting on this. We don't want another Ta o' story...
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