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Originally Posted by StoVol View Post
Can someone educate me on what a 5h, 7h, and an 850 low is? My job requires me to be all over this area. The op's comment on the Rate of snowfall has me concerned. It's difficult to see 50 ft in front of you with moderately heavy snow.
The 5h is an upper level low pressure and the 7h is a surface low pressure. The 850mb is just a map denoting upper air temps/wind etc at approximately 5000 ft. In this case it helps with pinpointing when and where the transition from rain to snow will occur. Glad you asked?

Last I saw the winter storm watch was cancelled but the snow forecast was upped to 5-8". Typical nobody really knows. My best guess we get nothing except showers until at least 3-4 pm and after that all bets are off especially east and southeast of Knoxville. It may snow like a mother trucker with giant snowball flakes for 3-4 hrs this evening or it may do absolutely nothing. Definitely nothing to worry about until at least late afternoon.

ps. just noticed you were in Crossville. It will get icy with a little snow and sleet by mid afternoon but best chances of a significant snow event are generally from Knoxville east.

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