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Originally Posted by GreatWhiteNorth View Post
It's just a different experience. I've had coupes and convertibles, and I like both. Just happen to have two verts right now.

I'll be honest, though...I didn't find the removable targa top on the C6 to be all that pleasant of an experience. It's OK, just not great.
Why is it not as good an experience?

Curious because I am thinking off going this route.

I used to have an Elise which was a targa and the wind noise was decent at high speeds...issue though was everything compared to the motor sounded decent.

The vehicle I had before was a wrangler 2 door and the wind noise above 55 was insane. It was odd because it would sound find up to 55 and then just change over.

I am looking to get a new vehicle and am down to three, new boxster S, new four door wrangler, and new corvette.

I want to have an open top but do not like wind noise at all.

How would you compare wind noise on the coupe top off compared to convertible version of the corvette? The windshield is alot higher than the Elise it looks likes which should help with cabin wind.
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