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Originally Posted by RoaminVol View Post
I been thinking and I know this may sound stupid but it makes sense. It seems like Saban is putting people that have worked with him on Missions to destroy other programs so he can become king of football.

Remember when Saban said that Derek Dooley "is doing a good job at UT." What do you think he means?!?!? He doing a good job at destroying our program so that Alabama can run over every college football team in America!!!!

Take a look at Derek Dooley, Sal Sunseri, Mike Haywood, Jim McElwain, Pat Shurmur, Jason Garrett, Scott Linehan, Mike Mularkey, Josh McDaniels, and Bobby Williams. They have all destroyed programs. Programs need to stop hiring guys that have anything to do with Nick Saban. He has to be paying guys to destroy programs. This is unbelievable I think Alabama should be investigated by the NCAA.

Saban is running a Monopoly guys!!!! A MONOPOLY!!!!!
You do know Alabama was beating us when Fulmer was here. It didn't just start when Dooley took over.
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