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Originally Posted by n_huffhines View Post
Jordan probably won too many MVPs. I don't think he had 5 seasons where he was the best performing regular season player.

Durant is shooting .648 TS%, which is insane. His best by a long shot, and his scoring numbers were already insane. Jordan's last MVP he was shooting .533 TS% (basically league average), and none of his other numbers were very impressive, either. He was still good on D. Jordan won that one on reputation alone.
Well he probably should have won in 89 and 90, where he put up an ungodly shooting average of 53.2% for two years (with hand checking rules) 7.5 boards, 7.2 assists, arguably the best defensive guard in basketball, and had a shooting line of 53.2/34.7/85 and averaged 85% from the FT line.

Maybe the greatest back to back guard season of all time. Combined win shares that year? 38.8.

Pretty sure Hines just had an orgasm after reading that.

Also, right before he retired, for five years, Jordan's averages? 32.5 ppg/6.6 rpg/6.2 apg with a shooting slash of 52.5/32.1/84.4, averaged 8.6 FTA per game and was arguably the best defensive guard in the league. His win shares? 115.3 and a TS% of 59.5 and eFG% of 53.7. Holy Hell.
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