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Originally Posted by BruinVol View Post
Corbin era

Let me help you!!!

14 programs have been to omaha 3 or more times since Corbin has taken over. Georgia is one of those teams and I doubt anybody here is going to claim they are elite. 8 teams have been there 5 times in that timeframe.

Rice, Texas, Stanford, South Carolina, North Carolina, Miami, LSU, and Fullerton. Those are elite programs!!!!

Certainly candy doesn't belong in a group that has been 5 times to Omaha unless winning when it doesn't matter earns in the regular season earns elite status.
If RESULTS in the postseason is the only thing that matters to you then you would be right but winning in the postseason is not the only requirement to being elite or else teams like Georgia would be in there.

I am hoping you are smarter than this
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