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Last year he lead his conference in rushing as a Sophmore. 1st game this year left in the 2nd quarter with 74 yrds and a TD with an ankle injury. He missed week 2 and returned week 3 with 136 yds at about 80%. This week he gains 276 yds and a TD at about 90%. He's very productive and consistent and has prototypical size with his good height and thickly-built frame. His physicality and style translate outstandly well for the college level. His strong, compact frame is sturdy and very solidly-built to absorb contact, keep balance and remain durable. He can make the first defender miss at times and can be very elusive in space. He rarely gives defenders a clean shot in the second level. Although not a burner, he does show good acceleration and above average speed when he breaks free in the secondary for his size. He picks and darts his way through the initial traffic showing good stop-start, sharp cutting and change-of- direction skill for a runner with his bulk and thick lower-body. He can be difficult to arm tackle when he squares up and bursts downhill out of his cuts. He does have superbe hands and receiving skills that make him hard to defend as a running back prospect.
Just go ask a team that has tried to slow him down. I don't think any have stopped him.
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Hope CDD knows about this kid. Go get him! VFL GBO
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