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Originally Posted by lawgator1 View Post
Typically you rent them at the course and its ridiculously expensive relative to the round. I've not had to do it, but have had people come into town and pay $50 to rent clubs for a $75 round. Why? Because they know you need them and you've got nowhere else to go. And most courses make every group go out with that number of golf bags and clubs, so no sharing is permitted in most cases. Now, if you are doing a charity thing, they may not check or even care.

I saw your post the other day about shooting 110 and I gather you do not have a set of clubs. Given that, my suspicion is that if you actually kept accurate score and didn't take mulligans, you probably actually shoot more like 125. Don't sweat it, you've got to start somewhere.

My advice is that you go to a Play It Again Sports where they sell used equipment. Used golf clubs in Florida are more common than sand here, so you can probably buy a good basic set of used irons for $100 or so and then a cheap used driver and putter for maybe another $100.

Why should I pay $200 for clubs when I can rent for $50, you ask. Good question. If you ever want to play the game well, you need to get a set of clubs that you use all the time. It makes a difference. Then you need to go take lessons. You can buy into a group lesson for $80 to $100 and usually get four hours of instruction for that, along with three or four other folks. It is so worth it.

You live in Florida. If you don't invest some time and money on the front end to learn how to grip, line-up, and swing the club properly, you are letting one of our greatest advantages in this state go to waste. There's good golf courses every 30 feet.

Have fun tomorrow. Hit 'em straight. And remember, mulligans are for losers. Don't be a loser, never take a mulligan.
Its funny I live on a golf course. I played for a couple years but I am no no good. I had a set of Ping ISI-ks but sold them. I think I will borrow some. Good advice.
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