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Originally Posted by MiramarVol View Post
Bartram Trail defeated Creekside 38-17. Nate Peterman was 10-for-15 for 101 yards and 2 TDs, and an INT. He rushed for 58 yards and a TD.
Bartram (9-1) looked like it was working on getting it's running game ready for the payoffs last night. As a team, they rushed for 321 yards, with Gabe Johnson rushing for 190 yds on 18 carries. He's now over 1000 yards for the season while not playing whole games for most if it.

Nate played into the 4th quarter and had some really nice runs. I didn't get to see the whole game due to handling stuff at the game, but I didn't see us go deep much, if at all.

I expect we'll open it up a bit next week when we play Ridgeview in the the playoffs. They were their district's winner, but Creekside (7-3), the team we played last night, spanked them pretty good when they played. We should take that game. If St Aug wins their game next week, we could be facing St Aug again at their place for the second round.

Should be interesting.

Good Luck today!

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