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Guide to latest media fast and furious articles.

A Journalist's Guide to 'Project Gunwalker'-Part Six - National gun rights |

This is part six of six lists.

One may note that what some call the 'main stream media'
and I call the 'lame stream media', ie; TV outlests ABC, CBS,
CNN, NBC and FOX, along with big print outfits such as the
NY Slimes, LA Slimes, Chicago Tribune, and the 800 lb gorilla,
of national print media, the Gannet Corp and USA Today are
mostly absent.

The NY Slimes did do a character assassination piece on
Issa which had no content other than class envy. (Issa
is the son of penniless immigrants who has done well and
done it right.)

The LA Slimes did a piece that protrayed the administration
innocent of what they were attempting, 'an oblique attack
on American 2nd Amendment rights', that slanted toward
government ineptness.

The LA paper couldn't really avoid doing something because
of their large Latino readership is outraged that their families
back home have been put in jeopardy and some killed by the
reckless actions and ambitions of this administration.

I use the word 'administration' loosely, it would be better
described as a 'criminally corrupt regime.'
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