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Article up on Volquest:
Ramsey wasn't quite sure what to expect when he and his father visited UT last week. He'll be back this weekend for camp, but Ramsey clearly left the Vols' campus impressed with his time around both secondary coach/recruiting coordinator Terry Joseph and head coach Derek Dooley.

"It went well. It was just me and my dad who got to go. We met with coach Joseph, even coach Dooley took time out of his day to meet with me and my dad," Ramsey explained. "They just showed us around. It was nice. Coach Dooley, we went in his office a little bit and had a little meeting with him."
"On Sunday, I feel like it's a big camp for me, coming to UT's camp," he said. "I'm going to be working with coach Joseph and trying to focus on my technique. I've got a couple more camps, Louisville and things like that, TSU, camps at home and closer.

He works with former Vol Buck Fitzgerald. He holds one scholarship offer, which is from Arkansas State.

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