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One of his rivals articles from Feb says he grew up a Michigan fan, hopefully he really enjoys his time in Knoxville.

"I had a few teams growing up. It was the University of Miami, Michigan and the [Oklahoma] Sooners then," Day said. "I have childhood memories of me and my brother on Saturday mornings watching Michigan football. We were always Michigan, Michigan, Michigan. They just played fast and it was always that rivalry between them and Michigan State. I was always a Wolverine."
no offers from Miami or Oklahoma but he does have one from Michigan. And had this to say about Michigan and the new staff...

"They plan to come in and bring back old Michigan football with hard work," Day said. "I believe they can come in and get work done. The first year might be a little shaky, but after that I think they can fight for the Big Ten Championship every year.

"They said if I keep on busting it I could probably come in and start as a freshman because of my talents. I'm going to keep on having to work to come in and start. He said he would talk to me more about that when I come to visit.
rivals - 2/13
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