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Originally Posted by footballref View Post
You're right. No such thing as an uncatchable pass in high school.

If you have an offensive hold. The flag goes at the spot of the hold. The penalty will be marked from either the spot of the hold or the end of the run. Whichever penalizes the offense the worst.

There is an all but one principle that states fouls are penalized from the end of the run except for fouls by the offense that happen behind the end of the run.

There is also loose ball fouls which get enforced from the previous spot. These are a little tougher. They will involve a pass, kick, or fumble behind the line of scrimmage.

With clipping or other illegal blocks there is a free blocking zone where things like this are legal as long as certain criteria are met. Otherwise they will be marked off the same as a hold.

Hope this helps some. If not, I will try and clarify
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Nope. That does answer it.

I have said before at games I didn't think there was an uncatchable rule in high school, but I wanted to verify.

How many yards is the free blocking zone?
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