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Just checked in with tiger and their message board. Seems their is marital problem in the form of a breaking story that he is having an affair with Rachel Uchite. Of course their source is the Enquirer.


Rachel told friends that her liaison with Tiger began in June in New York and has “played out in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Australia.”

Friends say Rachel told them she and Tiger stay in touch by phone and texting.

“I’m sure Tiger thinks Rachel is staying quiet about their affair, but she’s told lots of people,” says Ashley Samson, a close friend of Rachel’s. Samson also passed a polygraph test.

“Rachel told me, ‘I’m having an affair with Tiger Woods. We’re in love!’ She even read me text messages Tiger sent her that said ‘I love you, babe. It’s always going to be just you and me.’”

More from Samson, who sounds like she has some kind ax to grind: “I’m shocked that Rachel would be so casual about an affair that could break up Tiger’s family. It’s crazy.”

Rachel was alleged boning David Boreanaz and Tiger around the same time, from June through August, when she broke it off with Boreanaz. Allegedly.

Another friend of Rachel’s (who also passed a polygraph) says: “They were constantly sexting. Tiger asked what she was wearing, what did she want him to do to her, what did she want to do to him. I reminded Rachel that he was married, and she said ‘Big f-cking deal! It’s Tiger Woods! I don’t care about his wife! We’re in love.’ Her nickname for Tiger is Bear.”

Rachel traveled to Australia to have a secret tryst with Tiger/Bear while he was playing the Australian Masters. An Enquirer reporter watched Rachel check in to Tiger’s hotel, and watched her elevator go up to the 35th floor, where Tiger had a VIP suite.

When Rachel was contacted by the Enquirer about the tryst, she first lied about her reasons for being there, and about having another boyfriend, but later said she was in Australia “for business”. However, she says that she and Tiger met on two other occasions.

Rachel: “I don’t want to be somebody’s number two. I don’t want to be with a married man.”

Tiger’s lawyer told the Enquirer that Tiger may have met Rachel in a club at some point, but “vehemently denied an affair”.

Rachel’s friends claim she b-i-t-c-hed and whined about the Enquirer tracking her on her Australian tryst, and that she complained “I only got to spend one day with Tiger!”

Rachel’s friends also claim she’s given up dating other men and is seeing Tiger exclusively. Rachel also claims to her friends that she’s a “one-man woman with Tiger” and that Tiger tells her “I want to go to bed with you every night and wake up to you every morning.” To which Rachel replies: “You can’t – you have a wife and two kids.” Tiger replies: “I’ll fix that!”

Tiger and Rachel fight because she thinks he’s seeing other women. Not his wife. Rachel also thinks, according to her friends, that Tiger is about to leave his wife for her.

Take it for what it's worth.

So if you put 2 and 2 together you could draw the conclusion that he left because of an argument and about this.

Again the story and my summation assume a lot.......
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