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Originally Posted by lawgator1 View Post
Tennessee does not need Bryce Brown aggravation | Mr. College Football

Brown probably not an issue, but will it be worth the hassle? Maybe, maybe not. But probably. Huh?

Fulmer might go to Louisville? But not because of any real potential, just a guess. Huh?
If Brown is even remotely as good as everybody thinks he's going to be, then three years from now nobody's going to remember the "hassle" of whether he was going to miss the first to games of his freshman year. This is just ephemera. Two weeks of annoyance and paperwork in return for three years of having an elite RB on the field is a tradeoff I'd take every time.

UT's recruitment of him has never been at issue at all, so I don't see where the risk supposedly was. It's not like they turned down somebody else that they could have had instead.
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