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Originally Posted by I81Exit146 View Post
Sad to see what's happened to the Lady Vols

I will not make another trip to TBA until there is a new coach. Was at the TAMU game. What I witnessed was pathetic.

There are couple of exceptions, but these players act like the entitled to be there, expect things to go their way, put out little effort at the hustle part of the game. The offense is atrocious at best. The rebounding is nonexistent.

These players and coaches don't overcome adversity, cave and don't fight back.

Even the crowd and environment in the arena has changed. Less of the pep band but plenty of piped in music. Yuk! The best part of that game was the frisbee dogs at halftime. Meanwhile the fans are too busy chowing down on popcorn and nachos. Better wake up folks, the game has passed the coach by and she's too stubborn or dumb to notice.
I have tickets to Greenville for the SEC tourney in a couple of weeks. Only time I will see the LVOLS live this year. Wondering if there will be many orange shirts in the crowd? It's an 8 hour drive for me. Knoxville to Greenville is half (?) that. Sad to see the program decline. LVFL.....
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