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UT to honor '67, '77 SEC champs (@GA game)

Looking forward to the anniversary tribute to those Mears teams. I heard an interview with Mike Jackson yesterday, captain of the '77 squad, and the memories came flooding back. Too bad Ernie and Bernie can't make it in person but they'll be up on the big screen.

I saw some '67 games as a kid and I'll always carry the memory of my dad and his firemen buddies whooping it up sitting around the radio when we beat MSU in triple OT to clinch the title.

Mears and Aberdeen family members will be there, along with several ex-players steeped in UTBB lore. Names like Jackson, Reggie Johnson, Darden, Bertelkamp. Widby and Justus. Combine all of that with the hurt we're going to put on GA - it's going to be a great time at TBA this afternoon.
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