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Originally Posted by alexvol View Post
It is not a matter of like or dislike of Holly .Rather it is a recognition of how she has wrecked the program that is disliked .Heck .I like Holly .I think she is a great person and has devoted her entire adult life to the Lady Vols but that does not diminish the most damaging effect she is having as a coach of the Lady Vols.Anyone with any basic knowledge of basketball understands that .I have rooted for the Lady Vols since 1977 so please do not challenge my fandom . And ,my life is not stressed at all.That is a very strong statement that she will not leave unless she decides to leave .She just might be nudged by the next Athletic Director to seriously consider retirement...that would be the best of all worlds both for her,the University and the Lady Vols Basketball Program.Hopefully she will come to that conclusion on her own at season's end this year.
Well said!
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