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Originally Posted by mtsuraider06 View Post
My biggest gripe with Holly is that she doesn't use her timeouts efficiently. Other than that, I don't have a problem with her.

I have a problem with us getting a lead and then firing up bad shots. I have a problem with stupid lackadaisical plays that cause turnovers that lead to large runs for the other team. If we had a better bench, Holly could sub out for players that are making these plays. We don't though. Holly has to play the players she trusts, and right now, that's seven players on a good night.

Holly is no different now than when the team two years ago went 30-6. She is coaching the exact same way. The difference, we had a larger bench and more contributors to pull from. We don't have that this year. Having Cooper & Green available would've helped this team so much. But, it is what it is. I don't blame Holly for everything because I know what she has done in the past. I blame the players, who have been playing basketball their entire lives, for not knowing a good shot or a bad shot, a good pass or a bad pass, etc.
I always like to hear what you have to offer Raider and this time is no different. Scratching my head on the next great recruit and who that is too.
I have been pissed all year and other years as well about the lack of using a timeout to stop a run. All the great ones do it but not HW. One other thing that pisses me off is when she is steadily waving her arms for them to push it up the floor and then they stop and hold the ball until the clock winds down and defeats the purpose of getting up the floor fast as well.
Finally as I have said since practice started this bench as short and weak as it is will kill us. It does and it has. That is not any players fault but the fault to HW because she did not get any recruits you might say this past year. Like in football injuries are part of the game and the buck stops with her!!
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