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Originally Posted by tennparker3 View Post
They also jumped ship because none of them were 100% on their decision after committing. Even Jessica Washington, who was considered the only one as a UNC lean at the time of commitment, has stated her decision at the time was rushed along with the academic scandal factoring in and for her, playing time.

Mavunga wanted to play with Russell and had a twitter meltdown when she found out Russell was no longer considering UNC because all four of them tried to get her to go there.

Diamond and Allisha always thought it would be great to play together and that factored in to a quick decision. Diamond wanted to transfer though almost as soon as she got there. Allisha transferred because she was worried about her hard work in academics being looked at negatively because of UNC's academic scandal and she didn't want to be tied to it. Allisha would've been a Lady Vol had Sylvia not blocked a transfer to Tennessee for her.

Tennessee's 2017 all took their time and made their visits. Their decision were extremely thought out. They are nothing like that UNC class.
Did she (Hatchell) block Mavunga too? If so, Wow how much more of a contender we be right now with a potential lineup of;


Oh well
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