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    UT vs. UGA 330 CBS

    Think we can run the play clock to 0 three times then punt?
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    Not feeling Real Confident about FL...???

    Florida is Garbage too but who is the worst?Florida went 4-8 last season and was lucky to beat Kentucky and Tennessee.
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    Selling 2 UT vs FL parking passes in G10

    And the winner is? Are these passes sold?
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    We’re the 2nd best Fanbase

    And Florida is the worst... damn piss ballon throwing, trailer trash cousin loving, jort wearing natural light drinking rednecks......
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    Selling 2 UT vs FL parking passes in G10

    I am interested if still available. My email is or my phone number is (423) 502-3628 text or call
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    Public Parking/Tailgating

    Yes but if big games you have to arrive early. Great location less than 10 minutes from Stadium and great tailgating
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    Public Parking/Tailgating

    I tailgated once before and had same problems but we talked to them and still tailgated and he told us as long as we did not block area and we only took one spot. Now on other hand 500 State Street Garage I use to use and sometimes still tailgate there and nothing said. I guess they monitor...
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    Georgia is Tennessee’s new Florida

    Title makes no sense. We only beat Florida one time in last 13 years. We need to start dominating small potatoes before we talk about Georgia. Georgia as of now is on different level than rest of east.
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    4 tickets vs UTEP

    4 tickets in section Y-8 row 48 with cushion seats . $135.00 for all 4 tickets. Call or text (423) 773-8725‬
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    3 tickets vs UTEP plus parking

    I have 3 tickets in section P row 34 with cushion seats and G10 parking pass $175.00 call/text ‭(423) 773-8725‬
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    How Paul Bain found out he was on scholarship

    Seems like this young man has a good head on his shoulders. It seems like if nothing goes someone’s way anymore they quit.
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    Any talk about checkering Neyland for Florida?

    Nah, I don’t want Florida to think we are doing it because they are so great like the one player said their streak vs Kensucky would be 32-0. We don’t want Florida to get the big head.
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    Fan Behavior

    I am a Tennessee fan and donor but also pull for ETSU when they are not playing Tennessee because I am from Johnson City. This information is new to me never see none of this stuff go on and’s ETSU. Yes students showed their immaturity but nothing I seen was towards ETSU. Who knows...
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    Jeremy Pruitt Show

    Stopped watching after Fulmer was fired.
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    Watching teams like A&M and Kentucky tonight

    Envious of Kensucky football? Lol!!! Florida is hot garbage and A&M normally starts good then fizzles out near mid season.
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    I am disappointed in dumb ass students throwing sh!t on the field.
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    The Official What Other Message Boards Are Saying: ETSU Edition

    That’s anything but the truth. I live 15 minutes from ETSU and most ETSU fans normally is a fan of Tennessee or roots for them. I always loved ETSU basketball team but never rooted for them vs Tennessee. Myself I like ETSU but love Tennessee most of time those things go hand to hand.
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    OddShark betting site predicts 17-6 ETSU victory

    I would put 10k on that stupid prediction.
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    ETSU game day parking, traffic info

    Inflation! Last several years is was like $4 then went to 5 and last season it was $6.00. Big jump to $6 to $10.

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