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About this Page -- This is a discussion on ACORN's man in the WH, (besides Obambi.). within the forum Politics. Longtime ACORN operative Patrick Gaspard holds the title of White House political affairs director. Evidence shows that years before he ...

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ACORN's man in the WH, (besides Obambi.)

Longtime ACORN operative Patrick Gaspard holds the title of White House political affairs director.

Evidence shows that years before he joined the Obama administration, Gaspard was ACORN boss Bertha Lewis's political director in New York.

Lewis, the current "chief organizer" or CEO of ACORN, was head of New York ACORN from at least 1994 through 2008, when she took over as national leader of ACORN. .................................

Gaspard was executive vice president for political and legislative affairs for 1199SEIU United Healthcare Workers East. According to publicly available disclosure documents, Gaspard registered as a federal lobbyist for SEIU on Oct. 22, 2007. The registration and subsequent disclosures indicate he lobbied Congress on SCHIP, the State Children's Health Insurance Program. (there'll be no lobbyist in the BSHO WH, lie nunber 4,426.)gs................

Incidentally, the lines between ACORN and radical left-wing SEIU, whose acronym stands for Service Employees International Union, become fuzzy in places.

SEIU Locals 100 and 880 are part of the ACORN network of organizations. Local 100 in New Orleans is headed by Rathke. SEIU Local 880 in Chicago is headed by longtime ACORN insider Keith Kelleher.

...................Gaspard was national field director in 2004 for America Coming Together, a now-defunct get-out-the-vote operation that received a $775,000 fine for campaign finance abuses. In 2006 Gaspard was acting political director for SEIU International.

Gaspard also worked for New York's Working Families Party, which is an appendage of ACORN. Lewis is a co-founder of that party -- which endorsed Obama last year -- and has close ties to Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-New York) who has been most reluctant to have the House Judiciary subcommittee he chairs investigate ACORN. ......................

Meanwhile, the American public is beginning to realize that ACORN is a vast criminal conspiracy whose reach extends to the highest levels of the U.S. government.

Obama's statement that he's barely aware of ACORN's problems is nothing short of ridiculous, especially so because Patrick Gaspard was a political director for ACORN New York.

Last year Gaspard worked as national political director for the Obama campaign followed by a stint as associate personnel director for the Obama-Biden transition team.

We also now know the Obama administration was lying about ACORN's high level involvement in the 2010 Census. The coordination between ACORN and the Census was revealed as a result of a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the relentless investigator Tegan Millspaw of Judicial Watch. The Census and other government agencies have cut ties with ACORN as the ACORN scandal widens.

More to follow.
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Sunday, 09/20/2009, George Stephanopoulos was told by President Barack Obama, “Frankly it’s not something I followed closely on this ACORN deal. I didn’t even know that ACORN was getting a whole lot of federal money.”

People directly associated with Bertha Lewis: CEO of ACORN:

Patrick Gaspard
• Used to be the executive vice president of the SEIU.

• Now Barack Obama’s political director.

• He’s also the guy in the news this week that put the horse head in N.Y. Gov. David Paterson’s bed, told him not to run for governor of New York again.

Michael Gaspard (Patrick Gaspard’s brother)

• Worked for the “Advance Group”. The Advance Group is the lobbying arm of ACORN. So you’ve got the president’s political director and his brother in Bertha Lewis’ Rolodex. One works for ACORN, the other one works for the president.

Wade Rathke
• Founder of ACORN

Karine Jean Pierre
• President Obama’s liaison to the Department of Labor

Shaun Donovan
• Secretary of Housing and Urban Development

Scott Levenson
• A registered lobbyist with the Advance Group

• Works with Michael Gaspard, Patrick Gaspard’s brother. Although you would never know that Michael Gaspard works there. He is not on their website, he is not listed in any of their lobbyist filings. It just so happens that he appears in Lewis’ contact list as working there.

Ambassador of Bolivia

• Morales stated just yesterday (09/23/2009) that capitalism is a real problem. It’s evil.

The political division of the Venezuelan embassy

• Why would ACORN, who’s caring about just housing and taking care of the poor have anything to do with the Venezuelans?

• Ties to CITGO

o CITGO is owned by Venezuela and ACORN was real happy to help undermine some of the previous administration’s positions on foreign oil

(Stated SEIU mission, 'to take over the health care industry.)

ACORN's Working Families Party Advance Group organizers knocked on 227,928 doors and talked to 62,112 voters, a party official said. On Tuesday, more than 350 workers were stationed throughout the city, most working for a day rate of $100, campaigning for City Comptroller candidate John Liu who has a friendly relationship with Chinese Communist Party (CCP) organizations and has a history of lying about his past.

John Liu has been a city council member representing New York’s Flushing area since 2001. This year, he is running for city Comptroller—the position that oversees the city’s finances, including its $60 billion budget.

Both structurally and operationally, ACORN hides behind a paper wall of nonprofit corporate protections to conceal a criminal conspiracy on the part of its directors, to launder federal and foreign and special interest money in order to pursue a partisan political agenda and to manipulate the American electorate.

There are more than 300 organizations operating under the ACORN umbrella.

Democrats voted in March to allow ACORN funding in the Youth Brigade's bill. (designed to create an organization like Mussolini's Black Shirts and Hitler's Brown Shirts.)

Those funds will not be affected by recebt action by congress to remove funding from the transportation and housing appropriations bill. (that Obama has expressed doubts about approving.)

Here is the seven who voted against the current attempt at removing federal funding to ACORN:

ACORN is also a leading member of Barack Obama's Health Care For American conglomerate that is helping the president push his nationalized health care plan.

More to follow.
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Acorn founder Wade Rathke has ties with Obama mentor and communist/muslim terrorist Bill Ayers that date back to the sixties.

The lines of evidence now converge: the founder of ACORN is Wade Rathke, who, like William Ayers, was a member of the Students for a Democratic Society. ..............

Much has been made of Obama’s questionable judgment in befriending and working closely with unrepentant terrorist William Ayers. Regardless of what Obama says, his political career was launched in Ayers’ home, Ayers served with him on Woods Fund, and promoted him to head the Chicago Annenberg Challenge.

The founder of ACORN, Wade Rathke, like Ayers, is a disciple of Saul Alinsky. Working for ACORN was an important step in Obama’s political career.

According to the Associated Press, the FBI is now investigating allegations of voter fraud committed by ACORN. It should come as no surprise that ACORN is steeped in a culture of corruption, and the manipulative actions of ACORN dovetail perfectly with Alinsky’s Rules.

Wade Rathke, founder of ACORN, was forced out the organization after his brother, Dale Rathke, embezzled more than $948,000 from ACORN and Wade Rathke covered it up.
Fellow communist Drummond Pike, though the leftist money laundering Tides foundation bailed out the Rathkes with a $1 million donation.

Drummond Pike, Anti War actist and CEO of TIDES bailed out his fellow TIDE chairman Wade Rathke with a $1 million dollar check.

Several Acorn affiliates have received money from Pike’s Tides Foundation, which has provided more than $400 million to nonprofit groups since 2000. Much of the money flows out of donor-controlled accounts that Tides manages.

Tides received $8.3 million from 1994 through 2005 from The Heinz Endowments, chaired by Pittsburgh ketchup heiress Teresa Heinz Kerry.

Acorn brazenly asks for 6$ million more in federal grants despite scandals and investigations that would be considered outrageously scandalously embarrassing to anyone else.

ACORN and its various affiliates have received at least $53 million in federal funds since 1994.

ACORN remains eligible for over $8 billion in federal funding through stimulus money and the Department of Housing and Urban Development.
Just how much money has Acorn and it's affiliate groups cheated from the IRS????

The subpoenas seek a broad range of information since 1998 from ACORN and what the documents say are 361 related tax-exempt and non-tax-exempt organizations:

• All W-2 tax income reports and 1099 tax filings issued
• A list of every employee
• All state and federal tax returns
• Organizational charts for every affiliate
• All audited financial statements
• Documents related to the theft of nearly $1 million by Rathke's brother, Dale Rathke, who worked in the organization.

Only last year did most of the 51-member governing board of ACORN learn of nearly $1 million in inappropriate charges to an ACORN credit account by Dale Rathke. Rather than report the incident to authorities, Wade Rathke worked with a small group of ACORN leaders to arrange for a repayment schedule by his brother. After more than $200,000 was repaid, an outsidedonor stepped in and repaid the balance.

Even so, news of alleged crime and the quiet handling of the repayment rocked the organization. A splinter of the governing board has broken off and is demanding that the group open its books to public inspection. The Acorn 8 says it wants to return the group to its roots of giving a voice to and empowering low-income people.

It is apparent that ACORN has been playing a shell game with the Feds with regard to their hundreds of chapters, affiliates, and in some cases, false front organizations (one such organization was used by the Obama campaign last year to channel $800,000 in funds to ACORN - a result of the group's "consulting" on constructing a stage for an Obama campaign event).

How long do you think this investigation of ACORN finances by the IRS will continue? Only as long as it doesn't reflect badly on Democrats or the president. Obama has politicized the Justice Department. Why not the IRS?
No wonder Acorn moved it's headquarters from New Orleans to New York.

Well the IRS is controlled by Treasury and Obama's mother had ties to the communist party connected Gaither family, there's not that many real commies but they no doubt are the slickist slimiest creatures in the universe.

BTW, Acorn is sueing the people with the $300 budget for $5 million for 'invasion of privacy.'

This begs the question, is there such an animal as the young liberal who voted for hope and change and last year adamantly denied that Obama was communist/muslim connected and who now still denies that Barry is eyebrow deep connected????

Now would be a good time to speak up if there is.

My reply in advance, paraphrasing Orwell: "Only a liberal could hold on to such a stupid idea."
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News flash, ACORN training film on how to commit election fraud now in hands of authorities.

Chris Edwards, the former Las Vegas Director for ACORN has "flipped" for the Nevada AG's prosecution of ACORN in voter fraud case.

Matthew Vadum of Capital Resource Center claims the Nevada AG has possession of ACORN Resource Manual which includes a registration incentive scheme called, "21" that paid cash bonuses.

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Congressmen calling for census bureau to drop the SEIU!

"ACORN and the SEIU have a long web of connections in Chicago and around the country, and there's simply no place for a group so closely connected to ACORN to be part of something of such national importance as the U.S. Census,” Congressman Roskam said. “In this time where this Congressional Majority is running record deficits, ACORN should have no place cashing checks from the American taxpayer. We were promised a more open and honest government--that means keeping ACORN from the federal trough."

"With the decision to end its affiliation with Acorn, the Bureau has shown its desire for a census of the highest integrity,” Congressman McHenry said. “This is an opportunity to follow through on that commitment."

Official filings show that SEIU, referenced in the U.S. Attorney’s indictment of Governor Rod Blagojevich, contributed more than $4 million to ACORN and its affiliates since 2006. According to recent Department of Labor filings, the SEIU employs ACORN Founder and ACORN International Chief Organizer Wade Rathke. Mr. Rathke was recently exposed for running a cover-up of an embezzlement scheme run by his brother.

“Given SEIU’s co-location with ACORN in Chicago and SEIU’s intimate financial relationship with ACORN, we should take action to protect the public from the corruption of the 2010 census,” Congressman Kirk said. “To defend the integrity of the process, the Census Bureau should end its close relationship with ACORN’s close sister organization, the SEIU.”
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That's Wade Rathke on the right,

the only man left of him is Benedict Clinton.

The tax exempt Clinton foundation donated $250,000 to Acorn.

The tax-exempt Clinton Foundation supposedly provided $275,000 in grants for ACORNS’S "Katrina Benefits Access project" and ACORN'S "Operation Hope Project; Restore Hope."

The tax-exempt Clinton Foundation also helped secure "private sector" commitments for ACORN.

Sen Charles Grassley's documents show leaders of ACORN community groups transferred several million dollars in charitable and government money-----meant for the poor---- to parts of the group that have political (and sometimes profit-making) missions.

Sen Grassley's documents indicate that ACORN's tax-exempt groups----along with its tangled web of allied organizations---- used more than half their charitable and public money in 2006 to pay other ACORN affiliates.

Since Acorn is active in 22 countries and considering their expertise in money laundering, tax avoidance, criminal corporate shell games and close ties to the Democrat party, no wonder democrat congressional candidates raised four times as much money as republican candidates in the last election.

Since Acorn affiliated people voted on the average of five times in the last election, no wonder a lot of those democrat candidates won!

REFERENCE The IRS has pinpointed tax-exempt "foundations and charities" as the locus classicus for tax evasion and money laundering. The BIGGEST tax-exempt fraud --- a tax-exempt foundation writing checks to a tax-exempt charity (this way crooks look "altruistic" as they siphon off tax-free money for personal/political uses).

REPORT POSSIBLE CRIMINAL ACTIVITY : Conspiracy, collusion, government fraud; mishandling public property, falsifying official records, tax fraud, computer trespass, US Postal and electronic fraud.

IRS TOLL-FREE 1-800-829-0433----you may remain anonymous.

EMAIL .......OAAG.Tax@tax.USDOJ.gov

FBI TIP PAGE http://tips.fbi.gov/ (you may remain anonymous)

Toll-free Capitol switchboard: 800-965-4701----800-828-0498------- 877-762-8762
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