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About this Page -- This is a discussion on Hundreds of Economists Sign Letter Opposing Obama's Tax Plan. within the forum Politics. Hundreds of economists (including Nobel Prize winners Gary Becker, James Buchanan, Robert Mundell, Edward Prescott, and Vernon Smith) have signed ...

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Hundreds of Economists Sign Letter Opposing Obama's Tax Plan

Hundreds of economists (including Nobel Prize winners Gary Becker, James Buchanan, Robert Mundell, Edward Prescott, and Vernon Smith) have signed letters opposing Barack Obama's economic and tax plans (here, here, and here):

We are equally concerned with his proposals to increase tax rates on labor income and investment. His dividend and capital gains tax increases would reduce investment and cut into the savings of millions of Americans. His proposals to increase income and payroll tax rates would discourage the formation and expansion of small businesses and reduce employment and take-home pay, as would his mandates on firms to provide expensive health insurance.

After hearing such economic criticism of his proposals, Barack Obama has apparently suggested to some people that he might postpone his tax increases, perhaps to 2010. But it is a mistake to think that postponing such tax increases would prevent their harmful effect on the economy today. The prospect of such tax rate increases in 2010 is already a drag on the economy. Businesses considering whether to hire workers today and expand their operations have time horizons longer than a year or two, so the prospect of higher taxes starting in 2009 or 2010 reduces hiring and investment in 2008.

The 535 Signatories
Abrams, Burton University of Delaware
Adams, James D. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Adie, Douglas K. Ohio University
Adkins, Lee C. Oklahoma State University
Agnello, Richard University of Delaware
Albrecht, William University of Iowa
Alexandrakis, Constantine University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth
Alpert, William University of Connecticut
Alvarez, Fernando E. University of Chicago
Andron, Geoffrey T. Austin Community College
Angell, Wayne Former Fed Governor
Ankrom, Jeff Wittenberg University (Ohio)
Applegate, Michael Oklahoma State University
Arias, J. J. Georgia College & State University
Averitt, George R. Purdue University North Central
Back, Kerry Texas A&M University
Baier, Scott Clemson University
Baird, Charles California State University, East Bay
Ballantyne, A. Paul University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Barch, David J. Webster University
Basciano, Peter M. Augusta State University
Baumel, C. Phillip Iowa State University
Beales, Howard George Washington University
Beck, Stacie E. University of Delaware
Becker, Gary University of Chicago
Bellante, Donald University of South Florida
Benjamin, Daniel K. Clemson University
Bernstein, Richard E. Temple University
Berry, Charles A. University of Cincinnati
Bethune, John J. Barton College
Bhagat, Sanjai University of Colorado
Biggs, Andrew G. American Enterprise Institute
Bise, Robert G. Orange Coast College
Block, Michael K. University of Arizona
Blomberg, Brock Claremont McKenna College
Booth, Donald Chapman University
Borden, Karl J. University of Nebraska
Bordo, Michael Rutgers University
Borts, George H. Brown University
Boskin, Michael Stanford University
Boss Jr., Edward H. none
Brady, Gordon Vienna, VA
Brandt III, Daniel P. Washington, D.C.
Brannon, Ike Department of the Treasury
Brat, David A. Randolph-Macon College
Brick, Ivan Rutgers University
Brown, David P. University of Wisconsin-Madison
Brown Jr., George F. Blue Canyon Partners, Inc.
Brown, James N. Rice University
Brown, Jeff University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Browning, Edgar K. Texas A&M University
Brucker, Eric Widener University
Brunner, Lawrence Republican
Brusuelas, Joseph Merk Investments
Bryson, Phillip J. Brigham Young University
Brzeski, Andrzej University of California,Davis
Buchanan, James George Mason University
Buchholz, Todd Two Oceans Management
Burdekin, Richard Claremont McKenna College
Burkhauser, Richard V. Cornell University
Burnham, James B. Duquesne University
Busch, Andrew B. BMO Capital Markets
Butkiewicz, James L. University of Delaware
Butler, Henry N. Northwestern University School of Law
Calabria, Mark United States Senate
Capps Jr., Oral Texas A&M University
Carey, Robert T. Clemson University
Carr, Darcy Coastal Carolina University
Carrington, Samantha California State University, Los Angeles
Carter, James Vienna, VA
Castanias, Richard University of California, Davis
Cebula, Richard J. Armstrong Atlantic State University
Chance, Don Louisiana State University
Chatfield, Robert E. University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Chiswick, Barry R. University of Illinois at Chicago
Chowdhry, Bhagwan UCLA
Cima, Lawrence R. John Carroll University
Clarida, Richard Columbia University
Clark, Candice Economic consultant
Clark, J. R. The University of Tennessee
Clark, Jim Wichita State University
Clarkson, Kenneth W. University of Miami
Coats, R. Morris Nicholls State University
Coats, Warren IMF, retired
Cochran, John P. Metropolitan State College of Denver
Cogan, John Hoover Institution
Cohen, Lloyd George Mason University
Colella, Francis Simpson College
Collier, Boyd D. Tarleton State University
Colwell, Peter F. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Connolly, Michael University of Miami

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Coolidge, Cathleen J. California State University, Chico
Cooper, Kathleen B. Southern Methodist University
Cosgrove, Mike University of Dallas
Costrell, Robert M. University of Arkansas
Couch, Jim F. University of North Alabama
Coval, Joshua Harvard University
Covey, Ted McLean, Virginia
Craig, Eleanor D. University of Delaware
Crain, Nicole V. Lafayette College
Crain, W. Mark Lafayette College
Crippen, Dan Former CBO Director
Crocker, Thomas D. University of Wyoming
Crouch, Robert L. University of California, Santa Barbara
Crucini, Mario J. Vanderbilt University
Curran, Ward S. Trinity College
Dana, Pamella J. Former Director, Florida Office of Tourism, Trade, & Econ Devt
Daniel III, Coldwell The University of Memphis
Dao, Minh Q. Eastern Illinois University
Davies, Antony Duquesne University
Davis, J. Ronnie University of New Orleans
Davis, Ronnie H. Florida Institute of Technology
Davis, Steven University of Chicago
Dawson, John Appalachian State University
Day, A. Edward University of Texas, Dallas
Deitsch, Clarence R. Ball State University
DeKaser, Richard National City Corporation
Dempsey, Stephen J. University of Vermont
Demsetz, Harold UCLA
DeMuth, Christopher American Enterprise Institute
Denoon, David B.H. New York University
Denzau, Arthur T. Claremont Graduate University
DeSalvo, Joseph S. University of South Florida, Tampa
DeSerpa, Allan Arizona State University
Dewald, William G. Ohio State University
Dhrymes, P.J. Columbia University
Diamond Jr., Arthur M. University of Nebraska at Omaha
Diamond, John Rice University
Dickinson, David L. Appalachian State University
Diebold, Francis X. University of Pennsylvania
Dittrick Jr., John J. College of William and Mary
Dobra, John University of Nevada, Reno
Dorfman, Jeffrey H. University of Georgia
Douglas, Christopher University of Michigan, Flint
Duella, Abdunasser Cal State University, Fullerton
Duesterberg, Thomas J. Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI
Duncan, Floyd H. The Virginia Military Institute
Duverger, Parnell Broward Community College
Dwyer, Gerald University of Carlos III (visiting professor)
Ebenstein, Lanny University of California, Santa Barbara
Ehrlich, Isaac SUNY at Buffalo
Eichenbaum, Martin Northwestern University
Eisenach, Jeffrey A. Criterion Economics
Eisfeldt, Andrea Northwestern University
Ellis, Michael A. Kent State University
Elterich, Joachim G. University of Delaware
Elzinga, Kenneth University of Virginia
Entin, Stephen J. Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation
Epps, T.W. University of Virginia
Erickson, Erick Lee Metropolitan State College of Denver
Erickson, Michael G. The College of Idaho
Ericson, Richard E. East Carolina University
Evans, Dorla A. University of Alabama in Huntsville
Evans, Paul Ohio State University
Falaschetti, Dino Hoover Institution
Falero Jr., Frank California State University
Farr, Dorsey D. French Wolf & Farr
Featherstone, Allen M. Kansas State University
Feigenbaum, Susan K. University of Missouri, St. Louis
Feldstein, Martin Harvard University
Fisher, Eric California Polytechnic State University
Fleisher III, Arthur A "Trey" Metro State College of Denver
Foldvary, Fred Santa Clara University
Foo, Jennifer Stetson University
Forcier, James University of San Francisco
Ford, William F. Middle Tenn. State U.
Frank, Murray Z. University of Minnesota
Franko, Layton W. City University of New York
Frasca, Ralph R. University of Dayton
Fratianni, Michele Indiana University
Frechtling, D. C. The George Washington University
Froeb, Luke Vanderbilt University
Froewiss, Kenneth C. NYU Stern School of Business
Fuerst, Timothy S. Bowling Green State University
Fung, K.C. University of California, Santa Cruz
Furchtgott-Roth, Diana Hudson Institute
Gallaway, Lowell Ohio University
Gardner, B Delworth Brigham Young University
Garthoff, Dave The University of Akron
Gatti, James F. University of Vermont
Gay, Gerald Georgia State University
Geckil, Ilhan K. Anderson Economic Group
Geddes, Rick Cornell University
Gelles, Greg Missouri University of Science and Technology
Genetski, Robert Classicalprinciples.com
Giacalone, Joseph A. St. John’s University
Gifford, Adam California State University, Northridge
Gillette, David Truman State University
Gilley, Otis W. Louisiana Tech University
Gisser, Micha University of New Mexico
Glass, Amy Jocelyn Texas A&M University
Goetz, Charles J. The University of Virginia
Gonzalez-Vega, Claudio The Ohio State University
Goodman, Lawrence Bergen Cty, NJ
Goodwin, Barry K. North Carolina State University
Graber, Eric S. Independent Economist
Graham, Daniel Duke University
Graham, Douglas H. The Ohio State University
Graham, J. Edward University of North Carolina Wilmington
Gramm, Phil Former U.S. Senator
Gramm, Teresa Beckham Rhodes College
Gramm, Wendy Lee none
Grant, Richard J. Lipscomb University
Green, William B. Sam Houston State University
Greene, Kenneth Binghamton University
Gregory, Paul University of Houston
Gresik, Thomas University of Notre Dame
Grinols, Earl Baylor University
Gropper, Daniel M. Auburn University
Guay, Edward Wintonbury Risk Management
Guha, Gauri-Shankar Arkansas State University
Gulla, Darrin V. University of Kentucky
Hakim, Simon Temple University
Hammond, J. Daniel Wake Forest University
Hansen, Gary UCLA
Hanson, Andrew Georgia State University
Hanushek, Eric Hoover Institution
Happel, Stephen Arizona State University
Hart, William R. Miami University (Oxford, OH)
Hartley, James E. Mount Holyoke College
Haslag, Joseph H. University of Missouri
Hassett, Kevin American Enterprise Institute
Hay, Joel W. University of Southern California
Hazleton, Jared E. Texecon: A Texas Economic Consulting Firm
Hegji, Charles E. Auburn University Montgomery
Heidt, Robert H. Indiana University School of Law
Henderson, James W. Baylor University
Hill, Lowell D. University of Illinois, Urbana
Hochman, Harold M. CUNY Graduate Center and Lafayette College
Hodrick, Robert J. Columbia Business School
Hoehn, John P. Michigan State University
Hoffman, Stuart G. The PNC Financial Services Group
Holen, Arlene Washington, D.C.
Holloway, Milton L. Resource Economics, Inc.
Holmes, Mac R. Troy University
Holtz-Eakin, Douglas John McCain 2008
Houser, Daniel George Mason University
Howard, C. Thomas University of Denver
Howrey, E. Philip University of Michigan
Hubbard, Glenn Columbia University
Huffman, Forrest E. Temple University
Huffman, James L. Lewis & Clark Law School
Hughen, J. Christopher University of Denver
Hurlock, E. Kingdon Calvert Investment Counsel
Ingram, Marcus Allan The University of Tampa
Israelsen, L. Dwight Utah State University
Jackstadt, Stephen L. University of Alaska, Anchorage
Jacobs, Donald P. Kellogg School of Management
Jadlow, Joseph M. Oklahoma State University
Jarrell, Sherry L Wake Forest University
Jay, Nancy Mercer University
Jelavich, Mark Northwest Missouri State University
Jensen, Michael C. Harvard Business School
Johnsen, D. Bruce George Mason University
Johnson, Dennis A. University of South Dakota
Johnson, Shane A. Texas A&M University
Jones, Garett George Mason University
Jud, G. Donald North Carolina at Greensboro
Just, Richard University of Maryland
Kane, Tim Washington, D.C.
Kaplan, Steven University of Chicago Graduate School of Business
Katkov, Alexander Johnson and Wales University
Kearney, Melissa University of Maryland
Kendall, David L. University of Virginia’s College at Wise
Kennedy, Joe Arlington, Virginia
Kenny, Lawrence W. University of Florida
Kent, Calvin A. Marshall University
Kim, E. Han University of Michigan
Kim, Yoonbai University of Kentucky
Kimbrough, Kent P. Duke University
King, Robert G. Boston University
Koch, Paul R. Olivet Nazarene University
Kohn, Meir Dartmouth College
Kolari, James W. Texas A&M University
Kormendi, Roger C. Kormendi/Gardner Partners
Kosters, Marvin American Enterprise Institute
Krause, Stefan Emory University
Krol, Robert California State University, Northridge
Krueger, Anne Johns Hopkins University
Laffer Sr., Arthur Laffer Associates
La Near, Richard Missouri Southern State University
Lal, Deepak University of California, Los Angeles
Lamdin, Douglas The University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Landau, Daniel L University of Connecticut
Lane, W. J. University of New Orleans
Larson, Stephen J. Minnesota State University, Mankato
Lash, Nicholas A. Loyola University
Laux, Paul University of Delaware
Leet, Don R. California State University, Fresno
Lefton, Norman B. Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville
Lehman, Tom Indiana Wesleyan University
Lenard, Thomas M. Technology Policy Institute
Lephardt, Noreen E. Marquette University
Lerrick, Adam Carnegie Mellon University and the American Enterprise Institute
Levine, Dan Institute for Defense Analyses
Levy, Philip I. American Enterprise Institute
Lewis, W. Cris Utah State University
Ley, Robert D. Bemidji State University
Liebowitz, Stan University of Texas at Dallas
Light, Andrew Liberty University
Lillydahl, Jane University of Colorado at Boulder
Linck, Jim University of Georgia
Lipow, Jonathan Oberlin College
Liu, Zheng Emory University
Locay, Luis University of Miami
Logue, Dennis E. Dartmouth College
LoSasso, Anthony T. University of Illinois at Chicago
Lott Jr., John R. University of Maryland
Lovik, Lawrence W. Alabama Policy Institute
Lucas, Robert University of Chicago
Lunn, John Hope College
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Luskin, Donald L. Trend Macrolytics LLC
Lyman, R. Ashley University of Idaho
MacAvoy, Paul W. Yale School of Management
MacDonald, Glenn Washington University in St. Louis
MacDonald, Maurice Iowa State University
Main, Robert S. Butler University
Makin, John American Enterprise Institute
Malkiel, Burton Princeton University
Malpass, David Encima Global LLC
Manne, Henry G. George Mason University
Marcus, Richard D. University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Marino, Anthony M. University of Southern California
Marlow, Michael California Polytechnic State University
Marshall, Donald J. Consulting Engineer and Economist
Mathur, Aparna American Enterprise Institute
Matsusaka, John University of Southern California
Mathews, Timothy Kennesaw State University
McCallum, Bennett Carnegie Mellon University
McCracken, Paul W. University of Michigan
McGuire, Martin C. University of California-Ivine
McMillin, W. Douglas Louisiana State University
Mech, Timothy S. Grove City College
Meiners, Roger University of Texas - Arlington
Meiselman, David I. Virginia Tech
Melick, Will Kenyon College
Meltzer, Allan Carnegie Mellon University
Mendoza, Enrique G. University of Maryland-College Park
Merrifield, John University of Texas at San Antonio
Merski, Paul Independent Community Bankers of America
Miceli, Thomas J. University of Connecticut
Mietus, Jim Great Falls, VA
Milbourn, Todd Washington University in St. Louis
Miller, Dan Arlington, VA
Miller, Geoffrey P. New York University Law School
Miller, James George Mason University and The Hoover Institution
Miller, William C. Pioneer Analytics LLC
Mills, David E. University of Virginia
Mintert, James Kansas State University
Miranda, Mario J. The Ohio State University
Miseta, Ed Penn State Erie, The Behrend College
Mobius, Markus Harvard University
Moncur, James Hawaii at Manoa
Montoya, Velma National Council of Hispanic Women
Moomaw, Ron Oklahoma State University
Moore, Michael George Washington University
Moorhouse, John C. Wake Forest University
Morgan, Paul L. Westmont College
Moss, Charles Britt University of Florida
Moulin, Herve Rice University
Mundell, Robert Columbia University
Muris, Tim George Mason University
Murphy, Kevin University of Southern California
Murray, John E. University of Toledo
Musgrave, Frank Ithaca College
Mustard, David B. University of Georgia
Muth, Richard F. Emory University
Myers, Steven C. The University of Akron
Nagel, Harry St. John’s University
Negbenebor, Anthony N. Gardner-Webb University
Nelson, Charles University of Washington
Newman, Robert J. Louisiana State University
Newmark, Craig M. North Carolina State University
Niehaus, Robert D. Robert D. Niehaus, Inc.,
Niemira, Michael P. International Council of Shopping Centers
North, David S. University of Richmond
Norton, Seth W. Wheaton College
Nourzad, Farrokh Marquette University
O'Brien, Tom University of Connecticut
Ohanian, Lee E. UCLA
O’Neill, James University of Delaware
O'Neill, June Baruch College, CUNY
Oswald, Donald J. California State University, Bakersfield
Parente, Steve University of Minnesota
Parker, Randall East Carolina University
Parsons, Donald George Washington University
Patterson, Douglas Virginia Tech
Paul, Catherine Morrison University of California, Davis
Peppers, Larry Washington and Lee University
Perri, Tim Appalachian State University
Perry, Mark J. University of Michigan-Flint
Philipson, Tomas University of Chicago
Phillips Jr., Charles F. Washington and Lee University
Pingle, Mark University of Nevada, Reno
Plott, Charles R. California Institute of Technology
Poole, William University of Delaware
Porter, Michael E. Harvard Business School
Poulson, Barry Univerity of Colorado Boulder
Powers, John University of Cincinnati
Prieger, James Pepperdine University
Promboin, R. L. University of Maryland University College
Pruitt, Stephen W. University of Missouri, Kansas City
Ramirez, Octavio A. University of Georgia
Ramsey, James B. New York University
Ranson, R. David H. C. Wainwright & Co. Economics Inc.
Rapp, John University of Dayton
Rawlins, Richard Missouri Southern State University
Regalia, Martin A. Gaithersburg, Maryland
Reiland, Ralph R. Robert Morris University
Reisman, Jon University of Maine at Machias
Rhee, Thomas A. California State University, Long Beach
Richardson, Barrie Centenary College
Ries, Christine P. Georgia Institute of Technology
Robbins, Aldona Fiscal Associates
Robbins, Gary Fiscal Associates
Roberts, Nancy H. Arizona State University
Rogoff, Kenneth Harvard University
Roll, Richard UCLA
Romero, Philip J. California State University, Los Angeles
Rosen, Harvey Princeton University
Ross, Larry L. University of Alaska, Anchorage
Rossana, Robert Wayne State University
Rossiter, Louis F. The College of William & Mary
Roth, Timothy P. The University of Texas at El Paso
Rothman, Philip East Carolina University
Roumasset, James University of Hawaii
Rowley, Charles George Mason University
Rubin, Paul H. Emory University
Ruffin, Roy University of Houston
Rustici, Thomas George Mason University
Sanders, Anthony Arizona State University
Santoni, Gary J. Ball State University
Sarin, Atulya Santa Clara University
Savas, E. S. Baruch College/CUNY
Saving, T.R. Texas A&M University
Schuyler, Mike Institute for Research on the Economics of Taxation
Schwartz, Anna National Bureau of Economic Research
Scott, Loren C. Louisiana State University
Scott, Robert Haney California State University, Chico
Seeley, Robert Wilkes University
Seiglie, Carlos Rutgers University
Selden, Richard University of Virginia
Seldon, Barry J. The University of Texas at Dallas
Semmens, John Laissez Faire Institute
Shalit, Sol S. University of Wisconsin
Shapiro, Alan University of Southern California
Shelley, Gary L. East Tennessee State University
Shelton, Judy none
Shughart II, William F. The University of Mississippi
Shultz, George Hoover Institution
Shumaker, George A. University of Georgia
Siebert, Jerome University of California, Berkeley
Silberberg, Eugene University of Washington, Seattle
Silvia, John Wachovia
Skipton, Chuck University of Tampa
Slaper, Tim Indiana University
Smart, Scott B. Indiana University
Smith, Amy Former OMB Chief Economist
Smith, James F. The University of North Carolina
Smith, Vernon Chapman University
Snaith, Sean M. University of Central Florida
Sockwell, W. D. Berry College
Southgate, Douglas Ohio State University
Southwick, Lawrence University of Buffalo
Spatt, Chester Carnegie Mellon University
Spreng, Frank McKendree University
Sprinkel, Beryl W. Retired
Spurlock, Stan Mississippi State University
Staller, George J. Cornell University
Staten, Michael University of Arizona
Stephenson, Craig A. Babson College
Stimel, Derek Menlo College
Stokes, Houston University of Illinois at Chicago
Stone, Courtenay C. Ball State University
Subrahmanyam, Avanidhar "Subra" UCLA
Sumner, Scott Bentley College
Sweeney, James Stanford University
Sweeney, Richard Georgetown University
Tamura, Robert Clemson University
Tan, Clifford Stanford Center for International Development
Tatom, John A. Indiana State University
Taylor, Jason E. Central Michigan University
Taylor, John Stanford University
Taylor, Paul Vienna, VA
Telser, Lester University of Chicago
Tharp, Teresa Valencia Community College
Thies, Clifford F. Shenandoah University
Thompson, Henry Auburn University
Thursby, Jerry G. Georgia Institute of Technology
Tollison, Robert D Clemson University
Tori, Cynthia Royal Valdosta State University
Troy, Leo Rutgers University
Trumbull, William N. West Virginia University
Tsetsekos, George Drexel University
Tuerck, David G. Suffolk University
Upadhyaya, Kamal University of New Haven
Upton, Charles W. Kent State University
Van Blokland, Peter J University of Florida
Van Cott, T. Norman Ball State University
Vaughn, Karen I. George Mason University
Vedder, Richard American Enterprise Institute
Viksnins, George J. Georgetown University
Villamil, J. Antonio The Washington Economics Group
Wagner, Richard E. George Mason University
Walker, Donald A. Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Walker, Michael C. University of Cincinnati
Wall, Sherri L. University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Waller, Christopher J. University of Notre Dame
Walstad, William B. University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Warner, John T. Clemson University
Wegge, Leon University of California, Davis
Weidenbaum, Murray Washington University in St. Louis
Weidenmier, Marc D. Claremont McKenna College
Welch, Finis Texas A&M University
Whaples, Robert Wake Forest University
Whitaker, James B. Centreville, VA
Whittaker, J. Gregg William Jewell College
Wicks, John University of Montana
Williams, Gary W. Texas A&M University
Williams, Michael E. University of Denver
Wilson, Glenn Odessa College
Winegarden, Wayne H. Arduin, Laffer & Moore Econometrics
Wolfram, Gary Hillsdale College
Wunder, Gene C. Washburn University
Yoho, DeVon Ball State University
Yonge, Nancy A. Smith Center for Private Enterprise
Zak, Paul J. Claremont Graduate University
Zaki, Mokhlis Y. Northern Michigan University
Zandi, Mark Malvern, PA
Zdanowicz, John S. Florida International University
Zellner, Arnold University of Chicago
Zhou, Kate University of Hawaii
Zimmerman, Jerold University of Rochester
Zoric, Joseph Franciscan University of Steubenville
Zycher, Benjamin Manhattan Institute for Policy Research
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Anybody know this guy?

Clark, J. R. The University of Tennessee
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I know Michael Porter. He is a big wig in the grad. business scene.
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He is at UTC...very highly acclaimed
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Profile: J.R. Clark

Public Finance, Public Choice, Managerial Economics

Taxation, Education Reform, Prison Reform,
Market Solutions to Environmental Issues, Economic Education

Ph.D. - 1974, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
M.A. - 1972, Virginia Polytechnic Institute
B.S. - 1970, Virginia Commonwealth University
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so what?

Paul Krugman won the Nobel Prize and thinks Obama's economic plan is just peachy!

Obama's plan has also been endorsed by Hugo Chavez, Robert Mugabe, and Kim Jong Il.
"I drank what?" - Socrates
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Originally Posted by MG1968 View Post
so what?

Paul Krugman won the Nobel Prize and thinks Obama's economic plan is just peachy!

Obama's plan has also been endorsed by Hugo Chavez, Robert Mugabe, and Kim Jong Il.
this should raise eyebrows, but people are really think he is the messiah so what do you expect
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If VBH did not sign this, it is garbage.
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Originally Posted by allvol123 View Post
If VBH did not sign this, it is garbage.
don't forget volbeef88......
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Originally Posted by allvol123 View Post
If VBH did not sign this, it is garbage.
I'm sure he would have if he were an economy P. I think he's a marketing focused type, but I want to add that I bet he's phenomenal at it.
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I bet 95% of those guys......
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Originally Posted by BigPapaVol View Post
I'm sure he would have if he were an economy P. I think he's a marketing focused type, but I want to add that I bet he's phenomenal at it.

Correct on all counts.
Few things are as enduring as a temporary government program.
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Originally Posted by BigPapaVol View Post
I'm sure he would have if he were an economy P. I think he's a marketing focused type, but I want to add that I bet he's phenomenal at it.
Oh my dear god BPV used a smiley.
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