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    2018 Bama game roll call, who is going?

    We'll be there in our same GG seats....with a few thousand bammers behind us. Over/under on hearing "Rammer Jammer" is 18 times.
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    Is anyone else just....bored with it?

    THAT game was fun to watch. OP wanted Calloway, Jennings et al more involved and he got it. You'd think he'd be more appreciative.
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    Bama is Beatable

    Saban and Co. don't read our boards. Now if any of our players get chirpy, that'd be something to be concerned about. No doubt Pruitt has a lockdown on usable material for ANY foe.
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    Bama is Beatable

    My hope for next week is nobody gets hurt and we continue to improve. Every one of our last 5 games are winnable and the postseason is back in play (and yeah, I thought our season was shot after FL).
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    Are we really a top 5 team this year?

    Yep - true of various UT sports teams through the years. But this is Rick Barnes' team and imo it just feels different. And we're due to be injury-free for a change. Knock wood. This is probably one of the top 2 or 3 most hyped seasons in school history. That in itself is a major miracle...
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    Banks, Jennings, Callaway, Chryst

    JG's decision making was on full display 12 months ago when he had a pouting-fest on national tv during the opener with GT. As if he could have contributed SO much more to a winning effort.
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    Florida 48 Colorado St 10 ?????

    Our crowd will be pumped and ready at the start. Unfortunately this team is prone to sluggish starts. Lose the crowd early and it'll be a long day for the good guys.
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    Not Impressed - Florida

    If KY's DBs could catch the football the game would've been a route. If Franks is the best Mullen's got then the gators may be SECEast cellar-dwellers this year.
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    Tennessee will play Louisville in the Preseason NIT

    Khwan Fore was set to come here before transferring to UL. Maybe that'll add a little more intrigue to the matchup.
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    Tennessee v Wright State Raiders, 2018 NCAAT First Round: Game thread

    Incorrect. None of the other P5 conferences played on Sunday..and only a handful of others. 95% of the field has an extra day of rest. On the bright side, the SEC had the spotlight game on Selection Sunday. pfft
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    Grant Williams...

    Whew. Glad the title wasn't "Grant William's shooting". Might've turned into a hate-fest like it did for another good kid (Jordan Bowden, by name).
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    Under the Radar?

    Those were my thoughts exactly. Plus Cincy probably thinks they have a stroll to the E8. Thing is, we play D every bit as hard as they do...they probably wouldn't like that. Still, gotta mention the TCB-in-Dallas disclaimer thingy.
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    Everyone keeps saying..

    Admiral didn't sound too thrilled talking about those 5am sprints on Tom Black Track. Maybe CRB will loosen the reigns a little since we added to the championship banner. It's fair to question Admiral's NBA prospects but I could see him playing the finest palaces of Europe.
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    Barnes, muscle memory & Kentucky (next time).

    We didn't help ourselves by starting out 5 for 26 on FGs. Most of those were open looks, regardless of what you hear about KY's awesome defense.
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    Official NCAA Selection show thread - 6 p.m.

    McElroy and Spears picking brackets based on football success....sooo stupid. 9 seed Bama as NC... 10 minutes I'll never get back. Terrible.

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