Bama linebacker play Bama linebacker play  
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Bama linebacker play Bama linebacker play Bama linebacker play
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Bama linebacker play Bama linebacker play Bama linebacker play Bama linebacker play Bama linebacker play
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Bama linebacker play

Video on smart football with nico Johnson and cj mosely discussing lb keys. Comments about guard keys sound like they come str8 from Sal.

Alabama linebacker play | Smart Football

Also, a long (15 min) vid with saban discussing the "star" and "money" positions

Nick Saban on Bill Belichick’s Hybrid/Subpackage Defenders: “Star” and “Money” | Smart Football

Malzahn on how to attack it

Gus Malzahn Discusses How to Attack Nick Saban’s Alabama Defense | Smart Football
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Bama linebacker play

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