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Originally Posted by Rockytop1018 View Post
Damn. Politics be damned on this one, I'd have to have about 1,000 drinks before she looked remotely attractive to me.
+ you'd have to be mentally ill.

Why Portland, Oregon has come to be known as 'Moscow on the Willamette':

“Revolutionary Marxism” Course Offered At PSU

New for the 2012 spring term at Portland State University is a course called “Revolutionary Marxism: Theory and Practice”, where students will learn the fundamentals of Marxism and enacting revolution. The primary textbook will be “The Meaning of Marxism”, by Paul D’Amato. Mr. D’Amato was a distinguished guest at the 2010 Oregon Socialist Conference, which also took place at PSU.

Other material will include sections of “The Communist Manifesto”, sections of Vladimir Lenin book “The State and Revolution”, and a documentary based on the work of Howard Zinn. 30% of the grade will be based on a “Community Project”. Could that possibly have anything to do with the Occupy sign making festivities that took place at PSU in February?

Students will be required to attend 4 events of their choosing put on by a number of different approved groups. Some of them include Occupy PSU, Occupy Portland, International Socialist Organization, MeCHA, NAACP, Industrial Workers of the World (IWW, whom you might recall one occupier referring to the anarchists as to the right of), Boycott-Divestment-Sanctions (BDS, whom you may remember as the group that orchestrated the flash mob at New Seasons in protest of Israeli goods), or Jobs With Justice. That’s right, students will be required to attend events put on by such groups and receive credit for it.
Other courses:

The pioneers who trekked the Oregon trail would turn over in their grave if they knew what the beloved land they settled is turning into.

What is and has been done to the Klamath Valeey farmers is a crime of the first degree.

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