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Coaching style

I have a question about our coaches style, and no not the orange pants or black belt with brown shoes. Most coaches fall into one of two camps. They're either a disciplinarian, like a Belichick, or a players coach, more like Rex Ryan. What is Dooley's style?

I would assume he's more in the discipline camp, but there are the rumors of him siding with players over coaches. I know they are just rumors but where there's smoke... losing 6 assistants doesn't help his case either.

I don't see him as a players coach either with the way he calls out players and the rumors (I know just rumors again) of players not liking they way he coaches during practices. The lack of motivation late in the season isn't something you see when players are rallying behind a coach.

Not saying he has to be one or the other to be successful just curious of what VN thought.
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