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Originally Posted by fryeguy93 View Post
The Orange and White football game is scheduled for a weekend when the baseball team is out-of-town.

Why does nearly every other school try to create a HUGE weekend of events centered around their spring game but UT randomly chooses a date and all the other sports be damned?

One week earlier and you could have a potentially huge crowd for Florida baseball game.

The department takes baby steps. At least the football team no longer tears up the baseball field every summer/fall. This still prove that marketing and advance planning for somethings is still very lacking.
There was great effort made to schedule the game on the Florida weekend for reasons you mentioned, but it was not possible for several reasons.

There are a lot of factors that go into the scheduling of the O&W game, but first and foremost is the timing of the spring practice schedule. Where Easter and spring break fall having a bearing on the spring practice schedule.

Frye, the last time they had a baseball game the day of the Spring game (and offered free admission with an O&W ticket), the attendance was actually below the other two games of the weekend series, and that was with a full-marketing press on getting the word out.

The nightmare scenario is if you schedule the O&W game the same day as a baseball game and an SEC TV partner picks up the baseball game, you could be looking at having them going on at the same time, which is good for no one.

It's nice if it works out that way, but they're not going to re-arrange the spring football schedule to make it happen.
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