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Originally Posted by RockyTop411 View Post
The only team that would have a winning record in 7AAA that you said is Maryville. Panzi district? Hahahahaha you sir are a Grade A Idiot. Are you done yet? You are a ridiculously ignorant person, that talks out of your ***.
If I'm not mistaken Tullahoma beat Blackman last year, on their way to the state tourney, and are poised to do so again! I would have to agree that the better teams in the state are in East Tenn. I used to live in, and my son still plays for Tullahoma, and love it there. Don't get me wrong, the 'boro area is extremely tough to compete against, but seeing both sides now that I live in East Tenn, iwould have to say Maryville, Alcoa, Farragut, and these area teams would CRUSH that area! Alcoa has won wat the last 6 championships in their division ? That's not even putting Maryville's multiple championships in there! My money is on the East bud!
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