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Originally Posted by milohimself View Post
In the gym 5-6 days a week. Most important day today, legs day.

5'10.5" 225-230lbs depending on the time of day, 10-11ish% body fat (as best as I can guess)

I don't do 1RM's... Don't see the point other than lame-ass bragging rights.
Most of my sets tend to be 4x8's, I'll drop to 3-5 reps if I'm trying to put up more weight, 8-10 if I'm really feeling it.

Squat: usually in the neighborhood of 365lbs
Bench: 95-110lb dumbells (haven't done barbell in months)
Shrug: ~455lbs
Deadlift: 315

Just some general stuff, upper chest and shoulders can be difficult for me because of a bad rotator cuff and damaged cartilage in my left shoulder but I get it done.
1RM's are mainly for bragging rights around the locker room. And Dumbbell benchpress... I've always heard it is an excellent lift. You like it more then barbell? why?
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