Pat Martin on UT: “They’re number one.”

by Justin Hopkins on June 27, 2010

in Tennessee Vols Football Recruiting

Pat MartinGreenville, SC.- Eric Berry, he’s gone and getting ready to play in the NFL. But Tennessee fans are looking hard at who could be his possible replacement down the line. Don’t get me wrong, there’s only one Eric Berry, not everyone can play at that level, but the search for the next best thing is under way. Coach Dooley is using that publicity to his advantage however. J.L Mann high star Pat Martin was recently in Knoxville and from the sound of things, the Vols are in the driver’s seat.

“The visit went well, I fell in love with them (Tennessee). Tennessee is a big time program and the coaches were telling me how they like to use me. They want me to do some more blitzing from the safety spot, that will work well with my playing style.Coach Dooley talked to me and my whole family for like an hour, I like his swagger. Coach Joseph is cool too. He’s young and I can relate to him. Coach Sirmon and Wilcox are cool too, they really know their stuff.”

With a solid visit in place, Pat had one thing to say about the visit.

“They’re number one, they’re my leaders.”

With the bold statement of Tennessee being his new leader, he spoke about what it could take to move ahead of them.

“I see it as this: Tennessee is my wife, the other school’s are my girlfriends. It’s going to take a lot to get me to divorce my wife. I’ll be back to Tennessee twice in July, once early and later in the month. I’m still going to visit Georgia in July, and maybe Florida.”

Right now the plan is to take these last visits and make a decision soon.

“I will definitely visit before my season starts or in late July maybe. We’ll see how things go.”

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