Brandon Willis: still committed but taking visits

by Brandon Oliver on December 9, 2009

in Tennessee Vols Football Recruiting

Brandon Willis

Brandon Willis

One of the biggest gets for the Tennessee staff so far in this recruiting cycle was when the Vols were able to convince Brandon Willis to pledge his loyalty to the University of Tennessee. With the recent story arising from the New York Times, reached out to Willis and his high school teammate, Corey Miller and Willis told us where things stand. ***We did not get into the investigation as Brandon felt that what has been said has been said and nothing further needed to be discussed.***

Reports have now surfaced that Willis may not be 100% committed to the Vols now that he has had the chance to finish his season and re-evaluate his future. Willis is thinking that he will take at least one more visit before coming to a final decision. It looks as if a long time member of his top 5, Cal, will get an official visit. It also looks as if the University of Miami will get their shot to host the four-star lineman.

“I just think that I was in too big of a hurry to make a decision and get everything over with earlier on in the process. Now that I have had a chance to look over things and my season is over, I think that I need to be fair to myself and the coaches who have recruited me from the word go” said the Byrnes HS star.

Willis was very adamant about the fact that the recent developments involving the investigation into the recruiting practices, specifically having to do with the Byrnes high school stars, has nothing to do with his recent thought process. Corey Miller has always seemed to be a huge advocate for UT but in spite of his commitment and his friendship with Miller, Willis has never really embraced the whole situation in the same manner that Miller has.

“I love the idea of playing with Corey and helping get UT back to that elite level, but at this time I cannot truly say that my heart is completely set on Knoxville. I am still a verbal commitment but I think that it is only fair that I take another look at some other places.”

To date, Willis has been to Tennessee, North Carolina and UCLA on official visits as well as numerous unofficial visits, including Florida State and Tennessee multiple times.

“Like I said before, I am still a Volunteer commit unless things change. Just because I feel the need to take my last two visits doesn’t mean anything as of right now. If I were to find something magical at Cal, Miami or anywhere else, then maybe I would make a change. Until then, it is what it is. I just feel like I have five official visits for a reason and feel like at this point, I should use them.”

As of right now it seems as if not a lot will come of the recent developments and it doesn’t seem to have a big effect on many of the players in question. It isn’t the players or recruits who are in question here and it looks as if it will stay that way.

Vol Nation will continue to monitor the situation with Brandon Willis and let you know of anything that may change with him. We will have more on this after he takes his full allotment of visits.

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